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Breaking The Poverty Trap
In a Single Generation

How We Started

ARBA Foundation was built with the intention and courage to help eradicate the widening poverty in Malaysia. It all started with a curiosity to understand the reality behind the appalling statistics and numbers reported annually.


Oftentimes, solutions are suggested and discussed in luxurious hotels or ceremonial events that are completely disconnected from the struggles and the reality of the poor. We believe in the essence of being grounded closer to the root problem and that is - to get closer to the community itself.


We seek to understand deeper by connecting ourselves to the families and building mutual trust. Each family has their own unique stories and struggles. Hence, to deliver mutually valued solutions and impactful initiatives, the approach has to be genuine and rooted. After all, we are more than just an entity that help fundraise and distribute it for the needy.

We are making progress with these families and we have successfully compiled our effort and exploration journey in our Impact Report 2019-2021. Both completed projects and ongoing projects have helped us understand the depth of poverty in Malaysia, especially in the midst of the pandemic situations and the Movement Controlled Order (MCO).

Yes, like a lot of people, we may have felt the urge to give up sometimes. It’s easy to get to a point where it seems as though the time we have invested to see the impact can be very daunting. However, the optimism of seeing the progress and doing what is right has driven our unwavering hope and effort to help more families and children from being trapped in the vicious cycle of generational poverty.

Your continuous support matters and we are grateful for the trust that has been given towards our effort in ARBA Foundation.

Azlan Shah, CEO

Our Mission is to Stop Poverty Cycle in One Generation.


The A-Team

Working on a problem as ancient and complex as poverty, we need an incredible team. We're grateful to have some of the brightest and most committed leaders guiding our mission.

Council Members


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