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Breaking Poverty Trap

Our mission is to break the poverty cycle in one generation.

Good health, education & well-being are the keys to breaking the poverty cycle. When a child is deprived of a secure home, nutritious meals and purposeful education, unable to access supportive health and educational services, they tend to experience discrimination, low self- esteem and reduced well-being.


They are often faced with many social disadvantages and more likely to be significantly poor in educational and work ready skills. As a result, they struggle to obtain employment and thus escape the poverty cycle.

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Unconditional monthly cash assistance to help struggling families meet their basic needs. We track their monthly expenditure and try to understand their priorities in spending.



Every child has the potential to be great with their specific talents and gifts. We help them connect to those who can develop their talents and bring the best out of them.



Dreaming is the first step toward achieving a goal. Most poor children never went to places or met people who have inspired them to dream big in life. We bring them to explore the world and spark dreams toward endless possibilities in life.


Projek Susu Ibu

Support for breastfeeding mothers to give best nutrition for their babies through counselling, education and monetary help.

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